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Not bad, not bad at all.

Live: Rammstein @ London O2 Arena – 24 February 2011


Rammstein Mein Land promo photo Thrash Hits

It’s been a little over two years since Rammstein last came and conquered London – and setting the an early benchmark for “Gig Of The Year” in the process. Tonight they are back at a bigger venue – with rumours of an even bigger stage show. Our man Amit Sharma thought he’d head down and see if they really could top that performance he caught last time round. Or at the very least, to see if he could get “spunked” on….

Cracking photo from the Rammstein gig I went to on Friday.
and here’s a photo of me helping to carry the keyboard player Flake on a boat through the crowd.  
At the O2 arena last night.  The flash on the camera made me squint it was so bright so I look stoned haha.

So last night was a fantastic way to start off the gigging year for me.

Now i’ve just got Protest the Hero, Rise to Remain, Skindred, Judas Priest, Download and Isle of Wight to go in whatever else comes up that I can afford in that time.  Needless to say I need something for the latter half of the year.

But it’ll take something to top Rammstein last night. Wow.

I have a video of Till Lindemann squirting sambuca out a fake penis over the crowd after pretending to fuck the keyboard player up the arse

So yeah that was one of the many batshit crazy things that happened tonight.  Probably the best gig ever now I come to think of it.

I was here, was so drunk I barely remember this though.  Re-live it tonight.

Gonna get burnt tonight..

Rammstein on Friday…