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Fisting myself with excitement that Maiden announced this gig on stage whilst I was at Donington last night.

And they were fucking incredbile.  That was my 6th time and it was probably the best.  Still no one comes close as a live act.

Definitely buying tickets for my 7th time next week then….

Also managed to see:
Queens of the Stone Age
Alice in Chains
Duff McKagan’s random new band (The Walking Papers? Dunno but they were really boring.)
bits of Mastodon
Black Star Riders (the new name for Thin Lizzy)
end of UFO
Hardcore Superstar
Some shite bands I ignored from a distance but happened to be on like Young Guns or something.

Pro-shot footage of the entire Muse gig I went to on Sunday.  Starts around the 9 minute mark.



Map of the Problematique

Panic Station 


Supermassive Black Hole


Time Is Running Out 

Save Me 



Follow Me 

Plug In Baby 

Knights of Cydonia 


New Born 





European Tour 2012.

They’re definitely playing where Luke used to work as well so me and him are totally hanging out backstage with them all day. U mad?

Yeah i’m going to The Brook for one more ;) ?
European Tour 2012.
Suppose this will be a nice warmup to Download Festival the week after.
Tomorrow night yooooo.
One of many pics I took from Protest The Hero at Islington Academy tonight.  The band were tight but the set was way too short and the sound was disappointing.  Still pretty good overall.
Went to the Nags Head on Upper Street in Islington after, sat down with a pint then Tim from PTH comes in and sits on the table next to us with two “ladies/groupies” so went over and talked to him and got our tickets signed.  Nice enough chap.

Live: Rammstein @ London O2 Arena – 24 February 2011


Rammstein Mein Land promo photo Thrash Hits

It’s been a little over two years since Rammstein last came and conquered London – and setting the an early benchmark for “Gig Of The Year” in the process. Tonight they are back at a bigger venue – with rumours of an even bigger stage show. Our man Amit Sharma thought he’d head down and see if they really could top that performance he caught last time round. Or at the very least, to see if he could get “spunked” on….

Just weed a little.

I’m selling a ticket

to Queens of the Stone Age in Bournemouth on 28th June because i’m so fucking poor and i’d rather have the money.

Looking for £35 which covers original cost, fees and postage to send out to new buyer so i’m not making any profit like other people want to!

Any takers?