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Fisting myself with excitement that Maiden announced this gig on stage whilst I was at Donington last night.

And they were fucking incredbile.  That was my 6th time and it was probably the best.  Still no one comes close as a live act.

Definitely buying tickets for my 7th time next week then….

Also managed to see:
Queens of the Stone Age
Alice in Chains
Duff McKagan’s random new band (The Walking Papers? Dunno but they were really boring.)
bits of Mastodon
Black Star Riders (the new name for Thin Lizzy)
end of UFO
Hardcore Superstar
Some shite bands I ignored from a distance but happened to be on like Young Guns or something.

Spare Fleetwood Mac tickets for London

Selling my spares because I bought ones for the Friday show instead.

These tickets are pretty decent.

Spent way way too much today on awesome shit.  LOOK AT THOSE FUCKING SEATS FOR FLEETWOOD MAC THOUGH. 6 rows from the front and in the middle.  

I’m also selling the original pair for the first date for £185 that I bought and the pair for the 2nd date for £285 that I bought today because I kept buying more until they released the 3rd date where I eventually got these seats..

Pro-shot footage of the entire Muse gig I went to on Sunday.  Starts around the 9 minute mark.



Map of the Problematique

Panic Station 


Supermassive Black Hole


Time Is Running Out 

Save Me 



Follow Me 

Plug In Baby 

Knights of Cydonia 


New Born 



First payday purchase complete. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
This shit makes my blood boil.  Had to put up with this terrible train company for 3 years at university, they fine people with valid tickets sometimes anyway, always reject their appeals and never apologise for anything.  This poster basically translates to “if you have a mate that is trying to avoid paying our obscenely high train fares then dob them into us so we can screw them over and make more money”.
Reminds me somewhat of Communists states where you are encouraged to report people who aren’t doing what the government says. Sick.
Had a bit of time to kill between arriving in London and my meeting so went a bit touristy on such a boiling hot day.
Jesus fucking wept.  Megadeth in a venue that small just 2 days after Download Festival.  I might have to, even if I can’t really afford it I might just have to.

Vans Warped Tour to return to the UK after 14 year absence