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Have they actually stolen my idea?

Basically I did my dissertation on PPL…a strategic recommendations consultancy report.  I finished it just over a month ago and sent it to my contacts within the company the next day.

This story in the title link came out on Friday.

The content of the story is one of the recommendations I made in my report.

Either this is a massive coincidence or they’ve actually nicked my advice…

Apparently this is whose policies I agree with best at the moment. I wonder if this will have changed by the time of the next election…


Vans Warped Tour to return to the UK after 14 year absence

We collectively got bored as a house

So instead of sit around here with nothing to do we’ve decided to spend at least today if not tomorrow too in Brighton for a bit of sunlight and a change of scenery.

No doubt it’ll also involve a hell of a lot of beer on the beach.

Lego Christmas tree at London St. Pancras Station.

War with Libya and the NHS have one main thing in common - saving the lives of people who need help. Wish the UK public weren’t so selfish.